I wrote about 2 months ago about wanting to chronicle my journey as the Managing Director of The Seagull Project a little more. After that post, shit started blowing up and I was so busy all the time. We had huge financial issues to address, personnel on the verge of quitting, and lots of decision to correct that had been made before I got on board.

Then, I got fired. I wrote about it on my mommy blog, Issues and Tissues. At the time, my feelings were very raw. I was in the middle of a depressive episode triggered by this. I was enjoying the new free time, but feeling very sad that I was terminated and wasn’t given the reasons why.

Then, on Thursday┬áI met with a client. He’s a very good friend of mine and one of the kingmakers in the Seattle theatre scene. We sat down and one of the first things he said is, “Everyone knows why you were fired and it’s fine.”

I started to respond and he said, “Everyone knows you weren’t the problem.”


Something about hearing him say that, probably the most connected person I know in all of Seattle, made me feel so much better. I was concerned for how me being fired would impact my ability to get work. What I have learned is that it is actually seen as a badge of honor by most of my peers. “Oh you were fired by that guy. You must have been doing something right,” one of my buddies told me.

Now I wade through a whole bunch of job opportunities that have cropped up. Some I don’t think will pan out and some are shifting into consulting projects. Either way, being terminated has been a huge relief for a lot of reasons.