You’ve got a situation that could use the brain of an organizational development expert.

You want the one-on-one support of an executive coach.

You want some quick and dirty help without the expense or need of ongoing support.

You’d love to talk to someone about what’s going on, but you don’t have the money, time, or need for executive coaching. And you don’t think what’s going on rises to the level of a full-scale organizational development project. But you know you could use some help and just want to talk something through and come up with a plan for how to move forward.

With me you can expect to:


→ Tell the story once via an online survey I send it advance

→ Show up at a time you pick that works for your schedule

→ Get right to work when we’re together

→ Walk away with clear solutions, next steps, and a feeling of relief that you know what to do

I can’t wait to get started with you!

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