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All deals are available for an additional 24 hours on Cyber Monday!

45-Minute Consulting Session – 20% OFF!

What it is –> A popular option that is RARELY offered to new clients, where you can have a single session with me on the issue of your choice and get consulting service without an ongoing contract.

Who it’s for –> Anyone who wants help on a tricky issue, but doesn’t want to commit to a full consulting contract. Think prepping for a big meeting, how to handle a hard situation, or getting help on an emerging crisis.

Why people love it –> You get what you need and can get on with life without having to sign a contract or juggle your calendar. It’s quick and easy and you’ll walk away with an immediate, actionable solution.

NEW! Communication Masgtery Course – Intro rate of $397

What it is –> A course created by popular demand to help you learn the tools and skills to be the most effective communicator you’ve ever been.

Who it’s for –> This course is for folks who are serious about being good communicators. If you have to work with many different people and want to understand them and be better understood, this course will set you up for complete success in all the different ways you communicate. This will not only make your workplace communication better, but it’s guaranteed to make your communication in your personal relationships better, too.

Why people love it –> For years people have commented on my own good communication skills. So I broke it down into a teachable and learnable course. Everything people learn with me in trainings and coaching, you’ll get in this course and can start to reap the benefits of powerful and effective communication.

Bonus! –> You have the option of a single payment of $397, or 3 monthly payments of $147.

Conflict Management Handbook- $10 OFF

What it is –> My proven framework for reducing conflict and best practices on what to do when it happens, all in an easy to reference, easy to read handbook.

Who it’s for –> Anyone who has to keep the peace for the greater good of a group. Parents, partners, managers, leaders of volunteer organizations, folks in organizations with little or HR presence, freelancers, and workers with multiple jobs. 

Why people love it –> The information is universally applicable to every situation conflict can arise, and it focuses on what you have control of NOW to prevent conflict before it gets too big. And for those actively managing a conflict, from friend disputes to serious issues like sexual harrassment, it has a simple, straightforward way to get the information you need and take action. 

Webinar Bundle- $121 now only $57!

What it is –> My three most popular webinars PACKED with the most valuable and impactful tools for personal health and healing in the workplace.

Who it’s for –> Anyone who wants to know more about how to set themselves up for more success in their workplaces. Know you values and how to live them, know what gives you energy and figure out how to get more of it, and know what you need to keep things running smoothly and hold others accountable in a loving way. 

Why people love it –> You can take your own personal and professional development into your own hands. It’s like getting several coaching session with me, but you get to move at your own pace and learn in your own time, all at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 session.

10 spots in Group Strategic Planning at 15% off the intro rate before it goes up!

What it is –> The BEST way to plan for your goals, resolutions, affirmations, and intentions for the year. My proven method for making a plan that keeps your goals in mind while also being flexible when life shifts unexpectedly. GSP will be offered in 2024 for $597, this is the last chance to get it at the 2023 rate PLUS 15% off, for only $422! (There’s also a payment plan options AND a VIP option for folks who are really ready to take it to the next level.)

Who it’s for –> Anyone who is serious about their goals, who wants to end 2024 much better than they started, who wants to make a plan and get support along the way, or who wants to try on the service I offer most to my organizational clients, but scaled to a personal level. 

Why people love it –> You can make a plan for goals that align with your overall life mission (and figure out what that is if you don’t know yet!), get regular check-ins to celebrate wins and figure out obstacles, and do it all for a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 coaching or an organizational strategic planning process.