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Q: How much is this going to cost me?

Answer: For-profit organizations pay a base rate of $300 per hour. Non-profits and for-profits under a fiscal sponsor pay a base rate of $210 an hour.

Q: What if I can’t afford it?

Answer: There is a sliding scale application you can fill out to get a reduced rate. I also offer flexible payment plans. I’m not interested in bankrupting a business just to pay me!

Q: I know I need you, but I can’t really find what I need on your website.

Answer: That’s ok! Most of what I do is custom-created for the client I’m working with. So, contact me and we’ll come up with what you need.

Q: I’m looking for someone to tell me how to get my business up and running. Is that what you do?

Answer: I don’t, but you should check out this incredible book by Jenny McLeod if you’re a Seattle-based business.

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