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Wouldn’t you love to have a group of people who gave you valuable insight into how you get in your own way?

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What is group coaching?
Group coaching is a way to get help with places of stickiness without the higher premium of individual coaching. You will have an individual goal you are working on and making progress toward every month. The group will help you see things you can’t see yourself and keep you accountable. Group coaching is not group therapy. This is focused on a future state you are trying to get to rather than fixing problems of the past. 

Groups start Saturday, August 11th and will last for 6 months.

We will meet at The Inc in Green Lake, which is located in St. Andrews Episcopal Church (The Inc and these coaching groups have no religious affiliation).

The Inc is a local non-profit organization that provides a co-working space and childcare to parents of young children.

Will there be childcare?
Childcare will be provided free of charge for up to 5 children. If there is additional interest, another care provider will be hired so all the kids and all the parents can participate.

How much will this cost?
The cost is $60 per session per month. This will include any materials needed, childcare, snacks, and membership into a private Facebook group for help along the way. A 25% discount will be given if all 6 sessions are paid for in advance at once.

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The Inc, Green Lake

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