Create conditions for real connection.
Generate tangible solutions.
Inspire a healthy bottom line.

Packages that anticipate your needs

Pre-existing packages are ready to go, and custom packages are available for projects that don’t easily fit into a pre-existing package. (After all, you’re not a boiler, so why would you need a boilerplate?)

Featured Package: Retreats

Taking time away from the office is the most effective way for your team to reset, regroup, and move forward with powerful momentum. 

Half day, full day, or longer—whatever your schedule allows.

Don’t like logistics? Let us do all the planning for space, location, and amenities.

Action: Walk away with clear step-by-step instructions for what to do next.

Verhanika Willhelm

Imagine getting your hands on a focused solution that will solve your problems quickly and efficiently. I can make your imagination into reality. We’ll troubleshoot until we find the ideas that click and get your organization working to the best of its ability, through silver-bullet solutions and whole-team iterations.

Just so you know…

1. To reinvent is human.

We have this illusion that we should “arrive.” We should “be” a particular way. We think that because we have to keep working on it, working it out, working harder that there is something wrong with us.

I am here to tell you that is not true. You are a living, breathing organism that dies unless it is growing and evolving.

2. Organizations are living organisms.

They are ecosystems unto themselves that require weeding, tending, harvesting, and fertilizing.

Your organization is never “set.”

3. And that’s ok.

So tell me what new creature, virus, or invasive species has shown up in your ecosystem and I’ll help you break through the stagnant muck so you can breathe and move again.

Organizational Packages

See what you need, or something close? All packages are fully customizable.


Taking time away from the office is the best way to reset, regroup, and move forward.


A package that promises deep intrapersonal change and immediate effects in the workplace

Change Management

Accomplish big or small changes with a mix of planning and “surfing the wave”


We can create the package that suits your unique blend of organizational characteristics

ACT Theater

ACT Theatre is a non-profit theatre located in downtown Seattle. It produces year-round with an annual co-production with the musical theatre house The 5th Avenue Theatre.

Act Lab

In order to maintain growth, we moved from a model where I was leading the conversations to one where the leaders of ACT Lab were creating and leading the agendas.

Organizational Services

Strategic Planning

How to get you from Point A to Point B with everyone on the team buying in


Individual attention for significant inner change that moves you forward to reach your goals


From retreats to meetings, make your group interactions hum


Engagement for deep and lasting change, addressing the real needs of your team

Cross-Functional Team Building

Hands-on, process-based facilitation of real work tasks — Doing your job, only better

Leadership Development

Bring the best work from your team and improve overall communication

Conflict Resolution

Effective, practical solutions for resolving interpersonal strife

Project Management

Get it done, on time, under budget, every time


A strong process means the work doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. A repeatable, understandable, and usable process with regular checkpoints for prototyping and iteration will lead to better outcomes. When you understand the reasons for the outcome you achieve, you are developing a repeatable process, and a successful repeatable process means, well, you can be successful again and again. Also known as making a healthy bottom line.

Break Through Stagnation

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