Don’t worry, I got it. I figured it out for you. You want to do your job the best you can, using the best parts of you. You know where you want to go and I know how to get you there.  You’ll find a package that describes the outcome you want. All are customizable to your size and scale.

To make your search for the perfect process easier, here are the 4 most common ways to create momentum and generate change that has an impact on your bottom line, all neatly packaged.


Retreats are normally associated with holing up in a secluded space where secret plans are hatched. With me, retreats can be a place for inspiration, connection, and workable solutions. They are a place for a rest from your overflowing inbox and logistics of soccer practice so you can create something fresh and find energy and momentum.

Once we identify what you’re after, Retreats can be half day or week long and can be as minimal or luxurious as you’d like.

Leave all the planning to me, or provide whatever space or resources you have to offer. This flexible option can work within whatever parameters you have.

I’ll create a series of exercises and activities throughout the retreat to accomplish that goal so you leave with action steps for how to achieve it.


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Strategize Retreat

Something feels off. You show up, take care of tasks, check items off your to-do list, and yet it feels like you’re not actually moving forward. Or there’s been a big shake-up and everyone is walking around like a zombie, not sure what to do next. Renew your grounding and direction through a Strategize Retreat.

Strategize Retreats consist of two pre-planning meetings with you and your team, the actual retreat, and a follow up session. When you spend time doing creative brainstorming and considering infinite possibilities, you’ll return to work with a fresh sense of direction and a compact plan for how to get you there.

The one-day Strategize Retreat starts at $3,000.

Reconnect Retreat

Some kinds of change allow business to keep moving forward as usual, but the team is having a hard time functioning well together. Personnel changes, cutbacks, reorgs, outdated or otherwise dysfunctional methodologies — all these can lead to fracturing and poor communication. You can’t remember the last time you sat down with co-workers and didn’t bitch about work for hours.

Unlike team-building retreats with fun but non-transferable activities (trust falls, anyone?), the Reconnect Retreat offers a safe, bounded environment where actual work gets accomplished. At the same time the team addresses the disconnects, communication problems, and repeated pitfalls within a framework of problem-solving. Everyone will function better when you’re back at home base.

Reconnect Retreats consist of a pre-planning meeting with the team leader, individual interviews with all team members, the actual retreat, and a follow up session.

Reconnect Retreats start at $1000 for a 4 person team.

Reset Retreat

You’ve been working your asses off to get to a deadline. You got there, and now you’re fried.

But the laundry is calling and the kids are neglected and so you don’t really get a break on your weekend. So you return to work still fried, but now have to take on the next challenge.

What to do?

Take a Reset Retreat. It’s like the hot face towel for your organization. Return to work after a Reset Retreat ready for to face the next challenge with enthusiasm and creativity.

There’s too much research that shows a good rest does wonders, so listen to the scientists, they know more than we do, and plan a break for your team.

A two-day retreat facilitation starts at $500.


If you’re in need of more focused change within the work environment, coaching is your answer.

Coaching starts by identifying what you’d like to change in how you go about doing your job. Once we identify what needs to be accomplished, through a series of sessions, we’ll steadily make progress towards achieving that goal.

Different from traditional consulting, your coach doesn’t offer advice, but rather draws out of you the authentic solutions you already have within you but can’t seem to access. Every session leaves you with at least one action step for achieving your goal and often more. Coaching can be done with individuals or teams around issues like leadership, team cohesion, and overall effectiveness.

Coaching requires a minimum commitment of 6 months with sessions at least twice a month.

Change Management

If you’re in need of some shifting around a particular part of your organization, change management can help you accomplish it.

True change management comes from visualizing a desired future state and then creating a plan to get there. Don’t worry, you already know all the steps, and I’ll help you find them.

Change management can be used for changes of all sizes but is particularly good for large-scale complex changes.

Through a combination of coaching, facilitation, and project management, we’ll create a desired outcome and the subsequent steps to get there. Often the plan alters as we go down the path, but the good news is that this is normal and expected.



If you know you need some help but don’t quite fall into any of these categories, we can still work together.

I’ll meet with you to hear about what’s plaguing you and figure out the best initial approach to finding a solution.Then, with you and whatever support are necessary, we’ll find solutions to even your thorniest problems.

Often I employ facilitation, coaching, and change management in all my processes, but when you aren’t quite sure what you need, then it’s likely a mix of all three will be employed.


Break Through Stagnation

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