Reconnect Retreat

Some kinds of change allow business to keep moving forward as usual, but the team is having a hard time functioning well together. Personnel changes, cutbacks, reorgs, outdated or otherwise dysfunctional methodologies — all these can lead to fracturing and poor communication. You can’t remember the last time you sat down with co-workers and didn’t bitch about work for hours.

Unlike team-building retreats with fun but non-transferable activities (trust falls, anyone?), the Reconnect Retreat offers a safe, bounded environment where actual work gets accomplished. At the same time the team addresses the disconnects, communication problems, and repeated pitfalls within a framework of problem-solving. Everyone will function better when you’re back at home base.

Reconnect Retreats consist of a pre-planning meeting with the team leader, individual interviews with all team members, the actual retreat, and a follow up session.

Reconnect Retreats start at $1000 for a 4 person team.