You went into business because you want to leave the planet a better place than you found it.

You went into art that actually provides people with cathartic experiences.

Your non-profit work is so effective it will eventually put you out of a job.


Fundamentally, you want to stop perpetuating problems and create tangible solutions you can put to work today.

Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.


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Whole_Soul_Lab_Verhanika_Willhelm_sqVerhanika Willhelm

Verhanika started as a classically trained singer and conductor. She studied psychology while in college with an emphasis on research methodologies. She became a theatre manager after leaving the world of classical voice and helped to grow the largest student-run theatrical production company at Florida State University.

After graduating with her dual degrees in Theatre Management and Psychology, she had a brief stop in Boston before settling in Seattle to become a theatrical Production Manager. When the economy crashed she found opportunity as a freelance project manager, working as an stage manager for arts organizations all through Seattle, corporate and large event planner, and party planner.

While working with artists she saw a distinct lack of knowledge about managing money and started her first company, Artistic Financial Planning. Through AFP she coached artists to healthy personal and organizational financial models.

While hopping from organization to organization as a project manager, she noticed how some companies were easier to work for than others and started looking at each of them with a more scientific sense of inquiry. She then moved on to get her Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development to expand on her coaching skills and learn more about how organizations tick.

While in school she started her second company, Whole Soul Lab, with two business partners. Whole Soul Lab was a full-service coaching company where clients could see any of the three coaches to gain insight into particular areas of their lives. Verhanika dealt with clients’ money and work relationships.

After graduation, she started Willhelm Consulting, which now integrates all elements of her previous companies into one, along with a full suite of skills to serve organizations’ growth and development needs.


MA in Leadership and Organizational Development
Certificate in Financial Planning
BA in Psychology
BA in Theatre Management

When she’s not working, she’s…

Dancing and working out
Hanging out with her husband and cat
Planning her next trip
Spending too much time reading blogs


Phase 1: Plan

Entry and Contracting:

What needs to change/shift/be saved/created/understood?
How is this a good thing for your company/bottom line/life?
Why do you care to change this? How is now different?

Data Collection:

What are you actually doing?
Do you know what you’re doing?
Do you know why it’s effective/hurting you?
What can I glean from simple observations and well-curated questions?
What key factors will have the highest outcome on your goals?

Data Feedback and Analysis:

What did we find and what do you want to do about it?
Was your original goal actually the problem?
Are you willing to make the necessary change? What’s it gonna take?

Joint goal setting and planning:

How do you want to do this?
What is the process that fits your company culture the best?
How much room is there for risk/experimentation/innovation?

Phase 2 Do


Implement change action.

Phase 3: Study


How did it go?
What needs to be different in the next round for you to be comfortable with your new growth and ready for more?



Phase 4: Assess

Reviewing What We’ve Done: 

What changes have been made?
How useful/successful/replicable are they?
Do they make sense?
How do we make them stick?



What’s the best/most useful part of the solution?
Should we do it again?

Break Through Stagnation

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