Let’s make a workplace that people actually want to come to everyday.

If you’re ready to make your organization the high-functioning team you know it can be…

If you’re over a workplace that forces you to leave parts of yourself at the door…

If you want a workplace where people can be their best selves…

Sure, you can change your organization through process improvement and good old-fashioned management consulting.

But, what if there was a way that was better and considered structural, social, and cultural needs?

Strategic Planning

  • No more thick binders that sit collecting dust on a shelf

  • Simple, accessible work that is meant to be used every day in your org

  • Basic communication and problem solving training comes with Strategic Planning

This work can be done is as little as 3 months

Executive Coaching

  • 1:1 training and partnership for executive and senior leaders

  • Figure out what leadership looks like for you

  • Ideal for leaders who can feel alone and isolated in their position and decision making

8 month minimum contract



  • Have difficult conversations with someone skilled at bringing out all voices

  • Ideal for conversations around complicated issues like Social Justice, Shifting “-isms”, Mission, and Values

  • Alleviate the burden on leaders and managers of holding the conversation and instead allow them to be participants

Conflict Resolution

  • Workers who are an asset to the organization have reached an impasse

  • Structural solutions to get everyone back to doing their best work

  • A key part of progressive discipline actions especially under the umbrella of a Collective Bargaining Agreement

Workplaces for Health and Healing

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