You need support in order to do you work and that support can look a lot of different ways. From basic project management to the most complex change management, there is a tool in here to meet your needs so you can be as effective as possible in your mission to make the world a better place.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning refers to the process of taking a higher-level look at the overall direction of the organization or group. This requires long-range viewing on the part of the leaders of the system and clear communication about ideas and goals with the consultant.

Often there is a process of creating, reworking, or reauthorizing the organization’s mission, vision, and values.


Coaching is an intimate relationship developed between two people where a coach leads a client through a change process on an intrapersonal level.

Coaching is very self-driven by the client and coaches do not generate solutions for the client, but rather aid them in finding internal resources to invoke the desired results.


Facilitation is a process by which difficult conversations and concepts are “refereed” by an external collaborator.

The facilitator is merely a conduit by which ideas can be distilled and better understood, but maintains as neutral a position as possible in these conversations.


Leadership Development

Leadership development is a new buzzword that encompasses individual development as a leader, group development as a group of leaders, and can be done using coaching, training, and facilitation.

All processes done under the umbrella of “organizational development” require some sort of leadership development; it is merely up to the leader under what circumstances this takes shape.

Often traits that need to be improved upon are derived from interviewing the leader and/or the group of people who are led.



Training covers all educational needs.

Training can look like formal education with a curriculum being delivered in a traditional classroom format, or can done through experiential, simulation, or hands-on modalities.

If a particular skill is lacking across all members of a system, training is the best means to instill and practice that skill with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Conflict Resolution

Also called Third Party Mediation, this is a way to resolve interpersonal conflicts that could not be solved through larger structural change.

It is a series of coaching sessions with each individual and then the pair or group as a whole.

This process requires several sessions and is a longer process.

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