What’s your Zone of Genius and how do you stay in it?

What do you do well that also gives you energy?

How do you show up every day and stay in that space as much as possible?


Based on the work of Gay Hendricks’s Book The Genius Zone, we all have 4 zones that our tasks and work fall into: Incompetence, Competence, Excellence, and Genius. 

Identifying your Zone of Genius is about learning what do you do that gives you energy and makes you feel great about how you are spending your precious time on this planet.

In this 30 minute webinar I will help you figure out where all your tasks can be sorted into what Zones, what the difference is between them, what you need to do to stay in your Zone of Genius, and what you need to outsource.

By the end of this webinar, you will definitively know what you should be doing more of, what you should be doing less of, where you can easily fall into tasks that you’re good at but don’t make you feel good, and what needs to be outsourced.

This incredible tool that will give you hours of your life back and get your feeling your absolute best is only $47!

This is for you if you:

  • Are tired of losing energy to tasks that don’t feel good

  • Need to figure out what to actually focus your time on

  • Aren’t sure how to get into a state of flow, but know you want it more

  • Have had a recent big transition and need help figuring out where to focus your time

  • Want to know what needs to be outsourced so you can spend more time doing things that make you feel good

Identify what is in your Zone of Genius and what keeps you from being in that space!

Instead of spending hours trying to understand an apply this concept from different sources, it’s distilled for you in this 30-minute, always accessible webinar for only $47