Meet Verhanika

Verhanika believes work shouldn’t be a place that harms people. She sees that a toxic or uncomfortable work envirionment can have a staggering impact on the broader world. With life experience spanning continents, widely differing industries, and everything from motherhood to cancer caregiving to widowhood, she is the consultant for the organization and leader looking to do more with work than just produce stuff. Together with you, she can make work financially sustainable and a place for health and healing.

What does Org Dev look like?

Strategic Planning

Never have a dust-collecting plan again

Executive Coaching

Thought partnership for the challenges that come with executive leadership


You participate, I manage the humans for the best conversation you and your team have ever had

Conflict Resolution

Get them back to work in a way that lets them be their best selves

“Without my work with you, I’m sure I’d be paid less, unhappy in work and life, and angry at the circumstances that got me there, not realizing I may have created them. Thank you for lovingly showing me all that I can be!”

“Normally when I do a DEI session, I have to do a lot of prep before to get through it mentally and take the day off to deal with the emotional hangover. This was so energizing and I plan to carry this energy and information into the rest of my day!”

“Since working with Verhanika, our lines of communication are more open and clearer than ever. Anyone looking to develop their people to develop their business should work with Verhanika immediately.”

“I am always recalling all that I learned through your impactful guidance. I have even referenced notes from our very first meeting and still find them helpful. Thank you for all of our partnering during our executive coaching work!”

“Rather than provide sort-term solutions to communication difficulties, Verhanika drove to the roots of problems and helped to make them apparent and easily dealt with. 

Workplaces for Health and Healing

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